The Most Important Things to Consider When Replacing Your Windows

Most home improvement experts agree that you should replace your windows approximately every 15-25 years. If you can no longer open and close them easily, there is a constant draft in your home, your window frames are decaying or damaged, or you simply no longer like the look of your windows, it’s time to call local contractors. They can evaluate your home and then install high-quality replacement windows that fit your house’s look and style.

What to Look for in Replacement Windows 

There are three main factors you should consider when installing new windows in your home. The first one is the functionality. You need a product that meets your needs and is easy to use for the whole family. Additionally, you’ll want your windows to fit in with the design of the home. Great contractors can help you to determine the most suitable style and material.

Finally, you should consider the energy efficiency of your purchase. As energy prices are soaring and people around the country are experiencing the effects of climate change, we can all contribute to the solution by increasing our home’s efficiency.


When deciding whether to replace your windows or not, the most important consideration is their functionality. Are your current windows not working as well as they did when they were brand new? Have your needs changed since you had them installed? If so, it’s time to speak to a contractor and consider an upgrade. Windows that are fully functional open and close with ease, and you don’t have to push, pull, or use force to get them to work.

Depending on your home’s location and design, there might be other functions to consider. For instance, some of our customers are concerned about storms damaging their window frames. For this reason, we offer special storm window styles made of aluminum. In addition to reducing the risk during a storm, these windows increase energy efficiency and lower the noise levels inside your home.

Style and Look 

The second aspect to consider is the style and look of your windows. A lot changes in 15-25 years, and you might no longer like the appearance of your old windows and frames. If so, you can speak to our experts about the kind of esthetic you would like to create with your new products. There are countless styles available, including awning, bow, bay, double-hung, casement, and slider, so you’re sure to find something to suit your home’s look.  

At the moment, many of our customers prefer a more natural look than in previous decades. For this reason, our wood-clad windows are extremely popular. They allow you to enjoy a beautiful, real wood interior frame without having to worry about frequent repairs because the exterior is made from maintenance-free vinyl.

Energy Efficiency 

With energy prices rapidly increasing, it’s more important than ever to consider efficiency when installing new windows. No matter what material you choose, all our products are designed to be energy efficient and therefore save you money in the long run. For instance, the aluminum frames mentioned above come with an approximate heat load reduction of 21%.

Thus, your home will be much warmer in the winter, and the windows will have paid for themselves within a few years. When we plan new projects, we always check the projected energy efficiency of your new windows. Together with our partner ProVia, we make sure that all our products meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards. That way, you can save money on your energy bills and also do something good for the environment.

How to Find the Best Home Improvement Contractors 

It’s important to hire the best home improvement contractors whenever you have work done on your house or apartment. They can provide you with high-quality results that will last you for decades. But how can you find the most competent people for the job? Fortunately, the necessary information is available on remodeling contractors’ websites.

Before hiring someone, you should find out whether they have been in operation for many years, whether former customers are happy with their services, and whether they have a physical location. These three factors are good indicators of quality and can help you choose the most talented professionals for the job.

Experience and Positive Reviews 

While new contractors can do a good job, it’s usually safer to work with someone who has been in the industry for a while. The continued survival of a company is a good indication of quality because it’s impossible to stay in business for many decades without providing customers with great service. Therefore, you should check the age of a company before getting in touch with them.

Sutton’s has been in existence for over 75 years. During that time, we have remodeled countless homes, installed windows, updated kitchens and bathrooms, worked on roofing, and more. Check out our “Our Reviews” section, where customers can leave feedback and comment on the job we have completed. Currently, we have 4.8 stars, which reflects the professionalism, punctuality, and great service all our contractors provide.

A Physical Location 

There are many remodeling companies to choose from in the local area, and it can be hard to decide. But one factor you should consider is whether the contractors have a physical location. If not, it’s likely that they are a one or two-man business, which can be problematic if you need to get in touch quickly or have an issue with their work.

Small businesses that don’t have a physical location usually don’t employ support staff who can help you if you ever encounter a problem. In contrast, a company that has a physical location is more easily held accountable, so you can expect much higher levels of customer service.

If you have faulty or outdated windows, you shouldn’t delay getting in touch with your local home improvement contractors. They will have a look at your home, then suggest energy-efficient, stylish, and functional replacement windows. Call us today at Sutton’s in Springfield, IL to speak to our professionals and get a quote. We will be more than happy to help you update your home.

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