11 Risks of Improperly Installed Doors

While it may seem like a simple thing, door installation is one of the make-or-break factors in the construction of your home. That’s because a door is much more than just a way to get into or out of your home: it’s also the first line of defense in keeping the elements or possible security threats out of your home.

A number of issues can arise from having your doors installed incorrectly, impacting both the structure of your home and the well-being of anybody on the premises. Here are some of the risks that you might incur by not having professionals install the doors on your property with the careful craftsmanship that is required.

11 Risks of Improperly Installed Doors

1. Annoying Noises

Have you noticed any irritating creaks or rattling coming from your door? This could be a result of poor construction and could be indicative of more serious underlying issues. These noises also reduce the overall satisfaction that you get from your home, causing you irritation every time you open or close the door. Address any squeaking hinges, rattling doorknobs, or other issues by having the door installed properly.

2. Difficulty Opening or Closing

In addition to the headache caused by unwanted noises that the door is making, you might have difficulty properly opening or closing a door that hasn’t been properly installed. For example, the door might scrape against the floor or won’t fit perfectly into the frame. When your door is constructed correctly, it will open and close with ease to help you get the most out of your home.

3. Security Concerns

A door that isn’t built correctly won’t provide you with the level of peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re safe in your home. The door may not be able to fully close or lock correctly if it isn’t installed properly. Instead of leaving the security of your home to chance, make sure you get your door installed professionally so that you can fully secure your home.

4. Poor Insulation

Your door doesn’t only control people coming into or out of your home. A good-quality door will provide a seal from the exterior elements that are present outside your home so that your home is as comfortable to occupy as possible. If your door isn’t installed correctly, you may end up with drafts that cause the home to be colder in the winter months and uncomfortably hot during warmer weather, reducing the quality of life that you enjoy.

5. High Energy Bills

As a result of the poor insulation that an incorrectly-installed door leads to, you won’t be able to heat or air condition your home efficiently. You’ll end up paying more on your utility bills to the energy company as a result of the poor installation. Save your money by ensuring that door installation is handled correctly when it’s first taken care of so that you can keep your home climate controlled with maximum efficiency.

6. Risk of Pest Infestation

One of the biggest nuisances that a homeowner can face is pests getting into the premises and infesting your property. From insects to rodents, a number of different creatures can cause unease to people on your property, as well as potentially damaging the structure itself or causing health concerns by acting as a vector for different diseases. Ensure that nature stays outside by having a properly sealed door that is installed correctly.

7. Damaged Components

Improper installation can cause damage to the important parts that make up your door. For example, if your door isn’t constructed correctly, you may end up with damaged hinges. This can cause the door to rest crookedly in the frame or may affect the door’s ability to open or close fully.  Getting your door installed properly will help you avoid future repairs or needing replacement parts later down the line.

8. Structural Damage

Damage to the door itself isn’t the only risk that comes from having an improperly constructed door. Further issues could arise with the structural integrity of the building when the door causes damage to the surrounding area. The tension that a poorly installed door creates can cause warping or cracks in the frame and walls near the door. To avoid needing to devote time and resources to these issues, it pays to have the door installed correctly the first time around.

9. Danger of Water Damage

A door that is improperly sealed might allow water to seep in through the cracks and crevices that are left by the incorrect installation. This can cause the wooden structure of your home to contort and warp, causing lasting damage that will need to be addressed. Standing moisture also creates the ideal conditions for mold and bacteria to flourish, leading to possible health concerns that result from poor door installation.

10. Poor Aesthetics

Along with the host of practical concerns that come from improper installation, an improperly installed door also simply doesn’t look that good. You might end up with a door that isn’t level, throwing off the uniform appearance of the room. A door that isn’t vertically even may also cause scratches along the floor when you open or close the door, creating another eyesore that your home would look better without.

11. Chance of Injury

You should feel safe in your home, but if you don’t have doors that are installed correctly, you and other people on your property might face potential dangers. The door could collapse or it might not open enough adequately for somebody to safely pass through, for example. Make sure your property is safe and secure by having your doors installed correctly.

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