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A Solar System Integrated into Your Roofing System in Springfield, Illinois

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Sutton’s is a certified GAF Energy, Solar Roofing Contractor for the Springfield Illinois region. Sutton’s is on the forefront of innovation when it comes to a solar system integrated into the roofing system.

The first step when making that transition to solar power starts with a phone call to Sutton’s so we can verify if your home qualifies. Typically, your home needs a south or west facing slope that has plenty of room for the system to be installed. It needs to be free of shade and anything else that can potentially block direct sunlight from your panels. When Sutton’s installs solar panels on your roof, we fasten them to your deck to avoid animals, birds, and insects nesting into the area. Then the roof is built around the panels. It’s really an innovative solution. Our panels aren’t ugly blue panels with framing and cords hanging off of them. Instead, they are ultra low profile panels that blend in with the shingles.

Why Solar?

Get Paid in Advance

For every 1000 KW hours you earn a credit and each credit earned is worth money to the homeowner. If you transition to a solar panel system you could potentially be paid in advance for 15 years’ worth of solar power that your unit provides. This is what is known as an S-REC Income and your solar representative from Sutton’s is more than happy to walk you through the process in a way that makes sense and eliminates all of the confusion.

Enjoy Amazing Tax Credits

For a limited time, you could receive a 30% tax credit on your entire system. Not the same as a deduction; if you utilize this credit you (like so many others) could possibly receive your initial investment back within five years. There are other incentives that you may qualify for. Sutton’s has a solar representative that can walk you through the incentives available to you. Incentives are prorated and could decrease in the years ahead. It’s best to act now and maximize your incentive.

Increase Your Home’s Value

There is a definite increase in value of your home when you add a solar roofing system. Additionally, a Solar Panel System reduces the average home’s utility bill by 30% to 40%. Once all of the facts are laid before you, you will see how important it is to act sooner rather than later.

How It Works

The way your solar panel system works is with photovoltaic energy. In other words, your solar panels convert direct sunlight into electricity. Solar panels enable particles of sunlight to break electrons free from atoms and the result is a flow of energy. Solar panels are a group of photovoltaic cells.

Why Choose Sutton’s

At Sutton’s we pride ourselves on being dedicated to our clients while providing the highest quality of products at an affordable price. You can expect superior installation service paired with unparalleled integrity and honesty throughout the entire process. We are a local business that puts people over profit.