Double-Hung Windows

Custom Double-Hung Windows for Springfield, IL Homes

Increase the ventilation in your home while modernizing your design with our double-hung windows. Sutton's offers custom window installation and replacement services in Springfield, Illinois.

Double-Hung Window Installation

When your windows need replacing, choose a high-quality brand that will last you well over a decade. Sutton's is Springfield, IL's leading window contractor for double-hung windows.

If your windows are outdated, improperly sealed, or cracked, it’s time to start looking for replacement windows as soon as possible. Sutton’s offers high-quality double-hung window installation for homes in Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas. Having outdated windows can not only be a safety hazard but can increase your energy bill due to improper ventilation. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact our local window contractors to learn more about our double-hung windows and how they can benefit your home. We offer free estimates on all of our window installation services when you schedule a consultation.

double-hung window installation springfield illinois

Why Choose Sutton's

What Makes Us Different?

In Springfield, IL there are dozens of highly-rated window contractors, but what is it that makes us different than other companies? Our dedication to high-quality results, affordable pricing, and friendly customer service has kept us the first choice for homeowners since 1946.

Exceptional Quality

Our double-hung windows are crafted with modern technology and high-quality materials that make them highly requested for homes in Springfield, IL. Get windows that last for decades when you choose Sutton’s.

Superior Products

Sutton’s works with name-brand manufacturers to offer our clients superior double-hung window products. You can guarantee durable and long-lasting windows when you choose Sutton’s in Springfield, IL.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our double-hung windows come with a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind when repairs or replacement is needed. At Sutton’s we guarantee the quality of our windows to keep your home protected for decades.

Modern Designs

Double-hung windows are the perfect addition to any Springfield, IL home due to their modern designs that work with any aesthetic. Get sleek window pane installation and large glass panels with our double-hung windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Our double-hung windows are guaranteed to last thanks to modern technology and high-quality products from our manufacturers. Contact Sutton's for double-hung window installation services.

If you’re shopping around for new windows, you’ve likely come across double-hung windows as a popular option for Springfield, IL homes. These windows differ from single-hung windows due to their ability to tilt and open both sashes for maximized ventilation and easy maintenance. Our double-hung windows can reduce the need for air conditioning in the fall and spring and are guaranteed to fit any design. These benefits alone are what make double-hung windows the first choice for homeowners when looking at replacement products. Get in touch with our contractor today, and we’ll work within your budget to give you long-lasting windows for your home. 

Double-Hung Window Features

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular options for homeowners in Springfield, IL. Featuring two sashes – one on top and bottom -, our double-hung windows are designed to tile inward and outward for increased ventilation and easy maintenance. At Sutton’s, we have been the top choice for windows since 1946, and offer limitless customization options to give you complete control over your window design. If you’re choosing between several window options, keep reading to learn more about our double-hung window features that provide immediate benefits to your midwestern property. Ready to start your window installation project? Schedule a consultation with our contractor today.