Decks, Patios, and Porch Enclosures in Springfield, Illinois

Let Sutton’s build the Deck of your dreams and complete the Outdoor Living Space that you’ve always wanted.

Deck Replacement & Installation

We get asked to replace a few deck boards on an existing deck from time to time. While we want to be kind and friendly, our answer is typically “no thanks.”

That’s because all decks are not built right and when we add a few deck boards here and there, we are assuming liability. We don’t like to fix other people’s mistakes but we will fix our own when we make them. We like to start with a clean slate. In many cases that means that the old deck has to be completely torn down and removed. Then, we pour footings and secure the deck to the structure utilizing proper procedure and according to building code. Our Decks start right and are built on a solid foundation. Our designers will help you build the deck of your dreams. Once built, our work is guaranteed. Plus the composite decking material comes with its own warranty against defects. 

The process starts with a free consultation. Our estimator will give you a verbal estimate range based on what you are trying to accomplish. If that estimate number is acceptable, then we present you with a Design – Build contract and collect a deposit. At that point we get to work on the drawings, plans, selections and anything else we will need to present you with a 3D rendering of our new deck. Once approved, we present you with a contract for the project and get started.

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Wood Decking

Some of our customers still prefer a wood deck over a composite deck. Utilizing treated lumber products, a wood deck can still be a great option for those wanting to build a deck on a budget.

It all starts with a solid foundation and framing. The natural look of Wood is preferred by many and a wood deck is still the most common. The strength and durability is what attracts most people. The downside of wood is that it simply doesn’t last forever and will eventually start splitting and deteriorating with every season.  

Composite Decking

Composite Decking isn’t prone to termites or other wood destroying insects. They don’t like to eat the stuff so, you will never have that issue.

Composites offer greater durability and much less maintenance. Plus, the color combinations available today are mind blowing. You won’t be sanding, sealing, staining, or painting a composite deck…ever. You will need to clean it annually if not more frequently depending on the environment and whether there are pets, etc. Some people prefer the look of wood over composite. No one prefers the extra maintenance.

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Covered Decks

We have been asked to cover decks more lately than ever before. As many people escape to the outdoors in the warmer months, having a cover from the hot sun or a light rain is preferred.

We can absolutely build a roof over your deck as long as the deck is structurally sound. In some cases we can close in the walls with our Porch Conversion systems and transform your deck into a three season room. There are many possibilities. However, if all you are looking for is a roof over your existing deck, Sutton’s can handle it.


Our deck installation process consists of three easy steps to completely transform your outdoor entertainment space.

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Speak with our lead contractor to discuss your vision for a custom deck installation. We offer several personalization options to match the look and feel of your home.

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After settling on the size and layout of your deck, our design team will walk you through the customization options available to make your outdoor space truly unique.


Once we have design approval from our clients, we get started right away on your custom deck installation. Our team always works within your time and budget.