Sutton’s is your Replacement Door Headquarters in Central Illinois

Our doors are built to last a lifetime, not just a few years. Choose from Steel, Fiberglass, or Classic Wood with decorative glass and stylish hardware options.

Front & Entry Replacement Doors

The exterior replacement door you select is going to be responsible for many first impressions.

What statement would you like the door to make for you? The door, the face of the whole house. What does it say? In addition to the statement, it has to keep your family safe and comfortable in all types of weather. We don’t pull doors off of a shelf and install them in your house. Instead, we build a door to your specifications that will last forever. 

entry and front door contractor near springfield illinois
front and entry door installation contractor near springfield illinois

Front & Entry Replacement Door Installation

Our process at Sutton’s is simple. We set up an appointment for one of our estimators to come to your home and listen to what your needs and wants are concerning your new entry door.

Our estimator will bring a cutaway piece of an actual door to show you how our doors are constructed. You will be shown sample finishes, colors, and hardware options along with different types of glass packages so you can truly customize your new door. Once a selection is made, and a contract signed, we will get your new door ordered. Then, 4-6 weeks later, install your totally customized door at your home. 

Patio Doors

Patio Doors used to be fairly standard and limited as far as options. Now, full customization is possible.

You can select the type of finish, color, glass package, and hardware. Once you make your selection and sign a contract for services, the door will be ordered. 4-6 weeks later, we’ll give you a call to install your new patio door. Our sliding vinyl glass patio doors are tested against the toughest standards for weather resistance, wind resistance, and operation. The hope is that you will have lower energy bills and increased comfort.

patio door installation contractor near springfield illinois

Storm Doors

Storm Doors are still very desirable in Illinois because of the changing of the seasons.

In cases where there are small children or pets, maybe you need a storm door with a screen incorporated to add a layer of protection when you want to leave the entry door open. Our aluminum storm doors are thicker and better built than the box store alternatives. In addition to the thicker construction, there are more finish, paint, glass, and hardware options to pick from. Our storm doors are simply the best.