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“Sutton Siding” offers the highest quality products, a five star contractor certified installation, and a lifetime warranty. Sutton’s has been installing premium siding since 1946 - making homes and neighborhoods look better all over the area.

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Premium Vinyl Siding and Siding Repair in Springfield Illinois

At Sutton’s, we offer a variety of siding colors, textures, and types. We are a 5 Star Siding Contractor with Certainteed. Certainteed siding is the industry-leading option that provides low maintenance, durability, fade protection, wind protection, and sound deadening. Premium vinyl siding has changed over the years. With some of the products manufactured today it is nearly impossible to tell whether the product you are looking at is real or synthetic. Real wood needs painted. Certainteed Siding does not. Since 1946, Sutton’s has been the siding leader by offering premium vinyl siding installation and siding repair throughout the Springfield Illinois area. Sutton’s provides more options, more colors, and more styles than the competition. Want to boost your home’s curb appeal? “Sutton siding” is the way to do it. Call us today for a free estimate!

Our Siding Services

We are your local five star certified siding contractors that provide siding installation and service for your home in Springfield Illinois and other communities nearby like Rochester, Chatham, Sherman, Taylorville, Lincoln, Jacksonville and more.

Premium Vinyl Siding:

Is different than the entry level vinyl siding that is a bit thinner and tends to look like warped plastic after a couple years of extreme weather cycles. Our premium vinyl siding is engineered to last. Our siding offers unmatched beauty with a vibrant color palette and various wood grain finishes available.

Siding Repairs:

If your home’s siding fell victim to the most recent storm, Sutton’s is who you should call. Whether it is minor, or your siding is gone, our team of professionals can get your house back to beautiful. Contact us today for a siding repair estimate!

Types of Siding We Offer

Premium Vinyl Siding:
CedarBoards siding from Certainteed is an insulated Siding that comes in a variety of colors, and profiles. This siding is thicker, prettier, more durable, and has a better warranty. It can even deaden the sound outside for a quieter home. Monogram Siding from Certainteed is another product that we recommend at Suttons. If you want a thicker siding, with up to a 210 mph wind rating, this product is for you. More colors and profiles than nearly any other siding on the market. Monogram Siding is one of the values in premium vinyl siding.

Cedar Impressions Polymer Shake and Shingles:
Includes Cedar Impressions from Certainteed Siding. They are polymer shake and shingle siding products with twenty-five years worth of impressive innovations. They look like wood but perform so much better in every category. Northwoods is another product from Certainteed that comes in Perfection Shingles or Rough-Split Shakes. Again, an amazing product that looks so much like real wood that it’s really hard to distinguish. The bonus with using these products is that there is no maintenance involved when you install premium vinyl siding.

Stonefacade Veneer:
This is a revolutionary product that enables you to put stone on the front of your house without all the hassle, intense labor, and mess. This product looks amazing on a finished house and is installed by one of our installers, not a mason. Get the natural ledgestone look with this panelized system that is easy to install.

CertainTeed Siding Benefits

The siding on your home showcases its personality. The siding also provides a layer of protection for your home. That is why you want to hire a professional to install it so it can look its best for many years. Quality siding from Sutton’s, lasts.

Composition and Color

CertainTeed siding products are designed with the American homeowner in mind. You don’t need to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your siding. Soap and water will do just fine. With Certainteed products installed on your home, you won’t have to repaint or caulk anything. Certainteed offers a wider selection of colors and profiles to match different tastes. Certainteed was the first siding company to incorporate darker shades. Colors that are really modern and appealing in some of the trendiest neighborhoods.

Professional Grade

CertainTeed Siding recognizes excellence with their five star contractor program. Sutton’s has satisfied the criteria that Certainteed Siding set forth for Professional Grade. Our installers are trained on Certainteed’s standards on how to properly install siding to factory specifications. Extensive wind resistance technology goes into every piece of Certainteed siding. The technology and the installation combined make a “Sutton Siding” job, professional grade.

Custom Creativity

CertainTeed vinyl siding allows the homeowner to create the perfect combination of styles and colors and create something truly unique and beautiful. Custom creativity could mean vertical siding on the lower levels. Horizontal siding on the second level. Shake shingle siding in the gables. All in different colors. There are many siding colors and combinations to choose from and it doesn’t stop there. Certainteed has a full line of finish products to bring it all together.

Increased Value

In addition to the increased emotional value your home will have once it gets a new look, the new siding will also increase the actual value. The new vinyl siding products will definitely boost curb appeal and resale value simultaneously. In addition to the increased value the other benefit is never having to do any serious maintenance on the home's exterior - ever.