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Sutton’s has been offering replacement windows since the 1970’s. Our windows are custom built for the openings in your home and not taken off a shelf in a big box store. Superior quality and craftsmanship is what you get when you purchase your home replacement windows from “Sutton Siding” in Illinois.

Installing Replacement Windows

Did you know that there is a difference between a full frame installation and a pocket installation? Many people have no idea that there are two types of replacement windows to consider.

A full frame replacement window or new construction window, replaces the existing frame. To install a full frame replacement, the frame, sashes, and trim all have to be removed. A pocket window is installed into the existing window frame. Another name for this type of install is an insert window. Pocket windows allow you to keep the old frame, trim, siding, and casing. Pocket windows are the overwhelming choice when people decide to replace their house windows. The only thing to be aware of is that you will be losing some viewing area when you use a pocket replacement because the window will be getting smaller when installed into an existing frame. It’s always best to have your sales rep show you what the difference might be with a demo window and tape measure. Both types of windows are available to our customers but full frame replacements require more labor and possibly more materials depending. 

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Are Vinyl Window Replacements better than Wood or Metal?

We recommend Vinyl replacement windows over wood and metal windows. Our reasoning is simple.

We live in a region where temperatures fluctuate by 100 degrees in a year. Vinyl can expand and contract without cracking, breaking or rotting. Wood windows fail miserably in comparison. Plus the RValue of our Vinyl windows compared to other products is far superior. That is because there is insulation in the cavities of the window framing and sashes. Plus with the weather stripping, double pane argon filled gas, and proper installation with insulation and flashing tape, our climate is no match. For those that prefer a wood look inside, we have Vinyl windows that offer real woodgrains on the inside offering that customer the best of both worlds. Our vinyl windows typically take about an hour per window to install and installations can be done nearly any day of the year. 

What’s the whole Window Replacement Process look like at Sutton’s?

When you call Sutton’s for Window replacements, you’re offered a free consultation with one of our estimators. That estimator will bring window samples to your home and can demo all the features for you if you would like. Features like energy efficiency, UV protection, the mechanical components, the glass, the finishes, the color combinations, and more. The estimator will measure the windows in your home. Once you select the new windows and all the features you would like you are presented with an estimate. If you decide to move forward you will be asked for a deposit and signed contract. Then, our office will call you for a re-measure. At that appointment one of our seasoned installers will come to your home and re-measure all the windows to ensure a perfect fit. Measure twice, cut once, right? Once the windows are re-measured they are ordered from the factory. Typically the whole process takes 4-6 weeks but can be less or more depending on demand. Once the windows are received we will call you and set up an appointment for the installation that is convenient for you. 

Types of Windows We Offer

Ready to replace your outdated windows? Sutton’s is the leading company in Springfield, IL for whole window replacement and installation services. We are proud to offer a wide range of windows to suit the needs of our clients. Browse through some of our popular window selections.

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Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a popular option for those looking to modernize their home. One of the main reasons double-hung windows are so common is the ease of maintenance and ventilation they provide by having access to both sashes simultaneously. The top and bottom panels of your window can be tilted forward and back, making them easy to clean and an energy-efficient option when you want extra airflow through your home. Sutton’s provides high-quality double-hung window installation services for homes in Springfield, IL. Contact us today to get a free estimate! Learn More.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most popular options already installed in homes and are frequently requested by our Springfield, IL clients. A casement window options outward by using a rotating hand crank that is installed at the bottom of the window. These windows are easy to open and can often be installed in higher locations that are within arm’s reach. If your home has high ceilings and you’re wanting to bring natural light to your living space, casement windows are a great option. Get in touch with our contractor at Sutton’s to learn more about casement window installation services. Learn More.

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Picture Windows

For homeowners that want to bring nature indoors, picture windows are a great way to add natural light and openness to your space. Picture windows are seamless panes of glass installed in a fixed frame, meaning they do not open or close. The main purpose of these windows is to maximize your view of the outdoors while allowing sunlight to be the main source of lighting in your home. One of the major benefits of having a picture window is the long-lasting seals that can withstand harsh weather and natural wear and tear much longer than standard single-hung windows. For a seamless window option, contact Sutton’s for our picture window installation services.

Slider Windows

If you’re in the market for brand new windows, slider windows are the popular option due to their cost effectiveness and modern design. The difference between sliding and standard single-hung windows is their horizontal opening with slashes that side back and forth rather than up and down. These windows are extremely low maintenance due to having fewer parts than other window options and often act as great sources of natural light due to their expansive glass panels. Reach out to our team at Sutton’s to learn more about our sliding window inventory and how we can customize these brand-new windows to your home in Springfield, IL.

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BAy & Bow Windows

Bay windows are statement pieces that can pull together a bedroom or living space. The difference between a bay and a bow window is the spacing between the glass panels. A picture window sits at the center of the bay window, with two angeled smaller windows on each side. Bow windows are made up of multiple small, even sections of glass with rounded edge frames. Both bay and bow windows differ from traditional styles and offer a creative solution to bring in natural light while adding unique design features to your home. Customize bay or bow windows for your home when you reach out to our team at Sutton’s in Springfield, IL.

We work with the best window brands in the business

Are you looking for high-quality, long-lasting windows for your home in Springfield, IL? Sutton’s works with some of the leading brands in the industry to give customers unlimited options for their window installation projects. From energy efficient designs to real wood details that provide a luxury look, we are the top choice for homeowners looking for well-crafted windows.

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ProVia Windows are built in the Amish countryside of Ohio. ProVia Windows offer customization that is not often found in replacement windows of any kind. If it can be made, ProVia can make it. They build windows to be the best on the market and they define their windows as “professional class.” Energy efficiency is just one reason Sutton’s customers choose ProVia Windows. The beauty of real wood inside coupled with a vinyl replacement window outside is another feature entirely. ProVia Windows offer multiple woodgrains, colors, and options. They are made specifically to your home’s specifications. ProVia Windows are a smart choice for people who want wood windows inside but don’t want the maintenance issues that go with wood windows outside. ProVia Windows represent the best in what’s available in replacement windows.