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Sutton's offers custom sunroom additions and restoration services to homeowners in Springfield, IL. Our sunroom installation services create the perfect space to bring natural light and gorgeous views into your home.

Sunroom Contractor
Springfield Illinois

Sutton’s is your LivingSpace Sunrooms Dealer.

Sunrooms offer the feeling of being outdoors all year long. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with a climate controlled Sunroom that will surely be the most visited space in your home.

Over the last several years, Sutton’s has been the leading provider of sunrooms for the Springfield, Illinois area. LivingSpace Sunrooms are completely customizable. More options, more colors, more quality is what you get when you contract with Sutton’s, your Sunroom Contractor.

Types of Sunrooms

There are several sunroom styles that our customers can choose from. Completely customize your sunroom space to make it flow with your home’s design.

cathedral sunroom installation contractor springfield illinois


Cathedral sunrooms have dramatic arches and floor-to-ceiling windows that capture the beauty of the outdoors.


A studio sunroom has a single-ease roof that offers a modern design for homeowners in Springfield, IL.

integrated sunroom addition springfield illinois


Invest in our integrated sunroom designs for those who want their sunroom accessed year-round.


porch converted sunroom springfield illinois

Porch Conversion

Turn your covered porch into a sunroom addition that flows with your home’s design & can be used year-round.

Sunroom Installation

Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about unpredictable weather when you invest in a sunroom addition from Sutton's. We offer sunroom installation services to bring natural light and gorgeous views into your living space.

Sunrooms are unique room additions to your home that offer a clear view of the outdoors while still offering security year-round. At Sutton’s, we love finding creative ways to give our clients natural lighting. When standard windows aren’t giving you the openness your home needs, we offer sunroom installation services to not only add value to your home but to create easy access to nature without all the hassle. We allow complete customization of your sunroom addition from structured vinyl and insulated glass to integrated HVAC solutions. Contact our team today to learn more about our sunroom installation services for your Springfield, IL home.

LivingSpace Benefits

Why LivingSpace Sunrooms

Create the perfect relaxation or entertainment space with our sunroom addition services. Contact Sutton’s for a free estimate.

Fully Customizable

During the free consultation, you will learn about the customization you are afforded.


The most advanced sunroom utilizing a combination of fiberglass and propriety PVC resin.

Energy Efficient

Our Sunrooms combine energy efficient panels with energy efficient windows.


Designed to last a lifetime and without any waste, our sunrooms are not hard on the environment.

The Benefits of a Sunroom

Natural light has a healing quality. Sunrooms allow the natural light to flow in and fill the entire space. Natural light brightens moods and lifts spirits.

Older homes have a tendency to be dark and dreary. Sunrooms provide an oasis of light during the day and an expanded view of the stars at night. Enjoy your breakfast or a nice cup of coffee while you soak up the morning sunrise. Have grandchildren? It can function as the perfect playroom. What about a sun filled workout room without the hassle of harsh weather and annoying bugs? Did you ever want to be a gardener? You can turn your sunroom into a virtual greenroom and surround yourself with life. Overall, there are a number of benefits to adding a sunroom including raising the value of your home. Want to learn more about how a sunroom can benefit you and your household? Call the professionals at Sutton’s for a free consultation.