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Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Springfield, Illinois

Kitchen Remodeling Springfield ILThe Sutton’s remodeling team offers Professional Kitchen Remodeling services in Springfield. It starts with a free consultation. One of our designers will meet with you and try and help you figure out what you want, then offer you a bracketed price. If your budget aligns with your visions, a design build contract is started with plans and specific pricing based on your individual selections. When Sutton’s completes your kitchen remodeling project, you will want to spend nearly all of your time there. Your home will be worth more, naturally, and you will be proud of the newly remodeled space. Kitchen remodeling should be done by professionals. Sutton’s has a team of design experts and craftsmen to make your dream a reality.

Kitchen Remodeling 101

When hiring Sutton’s for your kitchen remodeling in Springfield, Illinois, you are getting an entire team. A professional designer, quality craftsmanship, and a 2 year workmanship warranty along with the warranties offered by the individual manufacturers.

The benefits of kitchen remodeling include:

At Sutton’s, our kitchen remodeling service follows industry standards. We have built a reputation on quality work and customer satisfaction. Sutton’s kitchen remodeling services in Springfield, Illinois are available to you anytime. The initial consultation is absolutely free. Contact us today!

5 Important Kitchen Remodeling Questions

How much am I willing to spend?

Remodeling can be expensive. A professional can make it an investment that offers a strong ROI. It pays to make sure the contractor you select knows what they are doing and has a track record of success. You need an experienced Kitchen Remodeling professional to offer a total price up front, in writing, instead of a contractor that offers a low price initially then adds multiple change orders because they didn’t estimate the kitchen remodeling project correctly initially. Sutton’s is synonymous with quality and customization. The price you pay is determined by what you want. We present you with options. You make the final decisions.

What’s my role in the project?

Sutton’s can walk you through what things cost, how long things take, and what offers a better value long term. Your role in the kitchen remodeling project is to be clear on what you want after you have been presented with options. Once satisfied, all we ask is that you pay us what we are owed. We stand by our work and will be here moving forward. Sound fair?

Who am I working with?

Initially you will work with your kitchen remodeling project design specialist. Once you have a design and a contract in place, you will work with one of our project managers all the way through to completion. We want you to feel like you are part of the Sutton’s family at the end. Not that you are just another customer.

What else can this company do for my home?

In addition to kitchen remodeling, Sutton’s offers full remodeling services. Including bathroom remodeling, additions, sunrooms, basement remodeling, and more. Then, on the outside, our exteriors team offers roofing, siding, replacement windows, and entry doors. Usually, there isn’t anything on a house that Sutton’s can’t replace and make better.

What’s next?

Our kitchen remodeling customers go through three phases. First, we meet with you to get your ideas on what you want to do. That is the initial consultation and it’s free. Next, if you are comfortable with the bracketed number we gave you, we’ll draft a design build contract. At that stage we formulate a plan and more specific pricing based on your selections. The fee for this service is a small percentage of the total job. Once we all agree on a design and plans, we sign the contract and get you on our schedule. To expedite the process, you will need a budget you are comfortable with and a general idea of what you envision. Our staff will guide you through the rest to make sure you get the most efficient and accurate plan possible on your kitchen remodeling project.

Why Choose Sutton’s For Your Remodeling Experience

Sutton’s has been remodeling homes in the Springfield area since 1946. The interior remodeling started in the late 70’s. Since that time, Sutton’s has provided kitchen and bathroom remodeling for hundreds of customers. Each remodeling project we do, whether it’s a kitchen remodeling project, a bathroom remodeling project, or a basement remodeling project, we do custom. We don’t offer remodeling based on templates. Instead, we want your remodeling experience with our staff to be exceptional. When you want a premier remodeler in Springfield, Illinois, look no further than Sutton’s.